In-store Retail Experience
Adidas Home Court Arena

Working with the interactive team at StartJG, we developed a digital retail concept that would act as a centre piece to Adidas' new Home Court Arena store in Beijing. Using RFID, the experience allows customers to browse HD 3D scans of the Adidas shoe range, explore the technology behind each model and search for their perfect match, using the ShoeFinder system.

Over the course of the project, we developed a unique visual language for the interface and a flexible platform that could work both in-store and on mobile.

Read more about the project here.

Video property of StartJG.

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The Typology Series: Elemental

Circular interpretation of the classic Periodic Table, 1869. The print was inspired by my love of both crisp, modern infographics and my ever-growing collection of vintage science ephemera. The table is designed to be read from the centre outwards in a clockwise rotation whilst still preserving the function of Mendeleev's original beauty.

A2 hand-pulled silkscreen. 1-colour metallic silver ink, printed
onto GF Smith Black Plike, 240gsm.

Limited edition of 100. Hand-numbered and signed.
Lovingly screen printed by Dan Mather.

Featured on various science and design blogs including: The Fox Is Black, It's OK To Be Smart and Creative Review.

Available to buy here.

iPad app
Barclays Brand Agents

Working as the sole UI designer and co-creating with the Barclays team, the iPad app was designed to promote internal engagement and discourse between the 520 appointed Brand Agents. It served as a social-driven digital platform, empowering users to take control of the brand, to discuss it, share it and live it.

Winner of Gold 2014 Marketing Design Award (Digital category).

Video property of StartJG.

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Web-connected Robot & Brand Design (Prototype)

Self-initiated project to design and build an autonomous desktop friend, around the theme of London 2012. Connecting to a laptop via USB, Glorya would alert the user of Team GB's medal success and print a QR-coded image of the winning moment. Users could then share their experiences online by posting their reaction on the official Glorya blog.

Throughout the project I was mentored by Andy Sandoz, creative partner at Work Club, London. A full round-up can be viewed on my R&D blog, Trial + Error.

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Identity & Website Design
Katharine Pulford

Commission by London-based textile designer Katharine Pulford, to design a brand identity and website to showcase her creative work.

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Website & Infographic Design

Commission by Protein to design main landing page and supporting infographics to promote the company’s subscription service, launched in March 2012.

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Newspaper Print
Mind The Gap

Collaborative print project with Peter Lilly combining photography and poetry to investigate the forgotten identity of suburban London.

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iPhone App & Social Media
Alpha-ville Festival

Design assistance on iPhone app for London's annual Alphaville Festival, including customised Google Map, Twitter and Vimeo feeds and event tracking ability. Supported social media strategies for the duration of the event, spanning live blogging, Twitter and Facebook updates.

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Website & iPhone App Design

Website design for Stylus, an online inspiration resource covering all sectors of the creative industries. Front-end development ranged from page template design, navigation and graphics to HTML email newsletters and social media visuals. Site content was also available as an iPhone app, which allowed users to filter and access reports on-the-go.

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Poster Design

A selection of promotional poster designs:

1. Reset the Balance
Aims to highlight the fragility of biodiversity and discourage human interference with nature. Nominated for IAA Poster Design Competition.
2. Express Anger
Aims to increase awareness of public disorder in inner city spaces.
3. Franc
Self-promotion. Exhibited at Semi-Permanent Creative Conference, Perth, Australia.